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Emol: Materials

And the Velvert worm did it again:  2018 Webby Award Winner LENS OF TIME. bioGraphic / California Academy of Sciences

A video with a simple vision on the paper about Oscillations in the Velvet Worm. Source: CNN Chile (in spanish, sorry     )

"Mujeres e Investigación en la FIC". April 2017 . Mujeres e Investigación

Other Media

  • ScienceShot. Physics, Plants and Animals. 17  March 2015 12 :45  pm. Vijay Shankar, 2015 . Video: Velvet worm squirts slime jets like a lawn sprinkler.

  • Mary Bates. National Geographic, March 17 , 2015 Watch: Bizarre Velvet Worms Shoot Slime Jets ? Now We Know How.

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